Take us back to the days of simplicity. Clothes hanging on the line outside with the wind blowing them from every which way. Sink baths full of bubbles. Chubby little toes and squeals of laughter. Homemade meals with everyone sitting down at the table together. Candles lit in the evening. Crackling fires. Daddy coming home […]


July 18, 2021


I was given an hour of their time to capture who they are right now. I had no idea the end result would have created so much emotion within, however, each session I try to pull out so much more than just a pretty smile. Angela left me the sweetest review: “Woven Soul Photography is […]


March 14, 2020

The Golden Hour with the Thomas Family

Every session is in a unique stage of life. Everyone hiking toward their destination. The stage of being parents for the first time is full of adventure, mistakes, how to’s, and what to do nows… But full of so much grace if we let ourself embrace it gently. These two came to our family farm […]


August 7, 2019

An Ethereal Maternity Session

This family is picture perfect and this sunflower farm was a photographers dream. I will just go ahead and let you see for yourself.


July 17, 2019

Sunflower Field: Smith Family

I truly feel honored that I have had the chance to work for this sweet momma twice this year so far. Kristi is such a beautiful woman inside and out. She is kind, giving, a hard-working lawyer, and the thing I love the most is she sees the importance of having her pictures taken with […]


July 7, 2019

Mommy and Daughter with Snowman the White Horse

This is a fun freebie day for my blog as I want newcomers and veterans to see who I am while not out creating art for others. Everyday is a masterpiece in this home with all the squabbles between the older kids, the new beginnings with Johnny River, and my growing belly with Sadie baby; […]


May 31, 2019

Family Friday

These are the days I will remember and tuck away in my tender momma heart. Half the reason I grow a garden and plant flowers is for the experience with my kids. It gives us something to bond over and grow along with the produce, herbs, and flowers. A little dirt never hurt. As I […]


May 2, 2019

These Are The Days

After all the craze with little miss sassy but tough as nails McKenna; I am now opening up a few spots for mini sessions. It does not have to be softball. If your girl is a ballerina but also plays basketball, lets mix it up and bring out all her inner beauty! (Read all the […]


April 30, 2019

No limits. You can do it all.

It’s crazy looking back ten years ago when I used to idolize Christine and Vania of Simply Bloom Photography. I lived in Texas at the time and they were knocking it out of the park with their creativity, lighting, and branding. You really couldn’t compare them to anyone else out there. When we moved to […]


April 28, 2019

Family Photography in Huntsville, Alabama



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